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Our Current Solutions

Military & Defence

Traditional warfare methods are changing, the future of the military is digital and green. We help to supply some of the most progressive technology available from suppliers around the globe. Virtual reality, unmanned vehicles, and cyber security - our portfolio of suppliers help deliver military focused projects on time and within budget.


Sports & Broadcasting

In today’s fast-moving world of 5G and cloud, new methods of watching sport and concerts now fit in the palm of your hand and can be experienced anywhere on the planet. Combined with immersive technology and virtual reality, teams and concerts can now be watched by millions around the world, creating extra revenue for advertisers and owners alike.


Banking & Finance

The move away from the traditional high street banking has led to a digital revolution within banking and insurance. Demand for these online services has however led to a rise in financial crime. Traditional security sometimes isn’t enough which means a move towards future ideologies. GST can supply traditional technology alongside smart data methods, secure communications and single use key military grade tech now available for the commercial sector



In recent times global healthcare systems have been put under massive strain. The pandemic has seen an acceleration in the technology sector of virtual appointments, health tech and clean tech products being offered to the market. GST has worked with several manufacturers to support and supply the NHS and other healthcare providers around the world. Intelligent use of technology has helped to reduce exposure to COVID for patients and frontline staff.


Data Centre

With a move by businesses to a hybrid work model, GST has supported data centre partners in the supply of technology to keep up with the demand for consolidation and colocation. The data centre industry has seen a massive uptake of requirements for rack space. GST offers products and personnel that not only support clients, but also the maintenance and upkeep of the centres themselves.



In the post pandemic world of remote working, organisations have seen an adjustment to hybrid work models. Whilst this allows new freedoms, the supply and security of information is facing adjustments away from traditional office-based IT systems. GST is now working alongside one the of the UKs leading cyber security houses to deliver product sets securing the workforces of tomorrow.